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  1. 1. Here Is A Consolidated List Of All AWS Products And Solutions

    I wrote a Selenium module in Ruby to screen scrape and organize all AWS Products and Solutions

  2. 2. How-To: Easily replace damaged screen on Essential Phone PH-1

    [You can skip ahead to my “how-to replace the screen” part below if you like]

  3. 3. Background on Essential Phone PH-1 and Why I Like It

    I use an Android Essential Phone PH-1 because I like to Think Different

  4. 4. How-To: Configure Google Wifi and Nest Wifi to work with your existing WiFi router

    This is information on how to upgrade from Google WiFi to Nest WiFi, as well as use them together on the same network.

  5. 5. Pictures of astronomical objects with included descriptions

    These are images of our solar system taken by an astronomer that I know.